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was started in Los Angeles, California, in 2017 by writer, producer, actress, and entrepreneur, S. Michelle Blackwell. HPA held in person intensive acting for film & TV, commercials & voice over acting, theatre and stage performing. (including:

comedy, poetry, music, etc.) and on occasion public & motivational speaking as well as business startup classes would be given. HPA has grown to now include a learning & performing annex (HPAannex) and the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (BTA), which offer

an intensive public & motivational speaking course, a writing & independent production training program, and a small business startup course.


For more information on these courses and the please visit:  

Fists in Solidarity
Graffiti Art


The mission here, at HPA, is to engage, encourage and assist newcomers  and those making a pivot into a new business or career in the entertainment industry.  As new artists and entrepreneurs pursue careers in acting or launching a new business in Hollywood, or elsewhere, our talented coaching staff are here to

help propel them into a sustainable lifestyle change.



We aspire to inspire women, people of color, and the LGBT community members to turn their dreams into reality. If you want to start a business or launch new career our workshops are made for you.

HPA is partially funded by sponsors and grants made to

the HBAu (Hollywood Blackdoor Alliance United, a 501c3 nonprofit organization). With such funding we are able to provide considerable discounts to Artists & Entrepreneurs

across the globe. For information on the HBAu and/or any grants, scholarships or discounts please contact us

Chatting after Class
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